LeBron James’ Viral Giannis Antetokounmpo Countdown Has Lakers Fans Laughing

Giannis Antetokounmpo may be one of the better players in the NBA, but LeBron James pointed out to a major aspect of his performance.

The four-time NBA champion sat out the game against the Milwaukee Bucks, but the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t miss a beat. Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves and the rest of the players on Darvin Ham’s roster had a monster performance on the basketball court. It was wild and Lakers players took the game in double-overtime. It was a good win for the purple and gold despite the fact that all odds went against them. NBA analysts didn’t have high expectations from the Lakers. They played without LeBron and it was a road game.

The Bucks had Giannis and Damian Lillard on the floor, but it didn’t help. LA trailed Milwaukee but managed to erase a 19-point deficit and win the game. Players needed just seven minutes to fix the damage and change the atmosphere.

LeBron and Lakers fans mocked Antetokounmpo

Bucks fans weren’t too happy about the fact that Antetokounmpo needs a lot of time to take his free shows. Opponents take advantage of the whole situation and make jokes at his expense.

LeBron was counting seconds during Giannis’ free throws. Lakers players added fuel to the fire and tried to get under his skin.

Giannis missed two of his free throws and Lakers fans went crazy online. There were a lot of comments about his missed throws, and of course, LeBron was the star of the show once again.

“Giannis’ stupid free throw routine is getting out of hand, one person, one descent shooting coach to give him one good fucking advice and stick with it instead of doing this stupid 10-second delays and then missing them,” a fan wrote.

Giannis never been a closer and that’s ok because players have roles for this exact reason plus a big reason why he doesn’t because his free throw shooting,” another added.

The Lakers have a 40-32 record at this point and seem to be heading in the right direction.