Anthony Davis Pinpoints Reason Behind Lakers’ Surge Into 8th Seed After Rout Of Cavaliers

The Los Angeles Lakers have to make the playoffs and players understood the assignment. Their brilliance on the basketball court impressed both fans and doubters. Anthony Davis and his Lakers teammates own the 8th seed in the Western Conference. The big man offered an honest take on their current performance.

“I think the biggest difference is that we’re just having fun. We’re holding each other accountable,” added Davis. “Somebody messes up, we’re yelling, screaming at him. But nobody’s taking it personal, cause we all know what we’re here for: To try to win.”

That’s the attitude we’ve been looking forward to see this whole time. Players made a lot of mistakes early in the season and now is the perfect time to find their way to the top.

Lakers players worked hard to get to the 8th seed

The Lakers celebrated a 116-97 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, marking their ninth win in 10 games. They did a wonderful job in their road challenge, winning five of the six games away from home. In the win over Cleveland, Davis scored 22 points, 13 rebounds, four assists, six blocks, and three steals. LeBron James finished the night with 24 points and 12 assists. D’Angelo Russell offered six triples, scoring 28 points and Taurean Prince was brilliant as well.

Prince is happy with the bond his team has created. Everyone needs time to get to know others and he knows it really well.

“We’re human. It takes time to trust people. It takes time to get to know people … That comes with spending time with each other. Figuring out things about each other that have nothing to do with basketball. Allows you to get closer to guys and play harder for each other.

“When those moments come when it is time to buckle down and talk about business and handle business, those conversations, no matter how hot they get, it’s from a good place. We know that. So it makes it easier to hold each other accountable.”

The Lakers look good on both ends of the game, but their offense is fire. They improved in every aspect of the game and their struggles are now left in the past.

“I think we were too uptight early on,” Davis said about their struggles earlier in the season. “Everybody was trying to do the right thing, make the right play. You start second-guessing yourself. Now we’re just playing freely.

“We know each other’s game at this point. No one is complaining. … We’re having fun. We’re having a great time playing basketball.”