Jack Jones Goes After Patriots Fans Over QB Mac Jones Treatment

The New England Patriots traded Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars and it seems like has already embraced this new opportunity. Patriots fans had a chance to cheer on one of the better quarterback prospect for three years and Jones will now put on a Jaguars uniform. The former Patriots signal caller got the best of his time off and even shared details of his hobby. Patriots fans flooded the comment section in his TikTok post and Jack Jones wasnโ€™t having any of it.

Keep in mind that the cornerback wasnโ€™t really friendly with the Patriots after his release. New England cut ties with him last season and now he is playing with the Las Vegas Raiders. Jones may be out, but he follows every move related to his former team. The attitude Patriots fans show triggered his most recent rant on X and Jones didnโ€™t mince his words.

jack Jones blasts Patriots fans

Patriots fans took notice of Jonesโ€™ post and of course, there were some reactions. Their comments added fuel to the fire and Jack started off his rant.

โ€œPats fans didnโ€™t like that comment LOL stop acting like yall run the world and players donโ€™t fuc up,โ€ Jones posted on X. โ€œPlayers fuc up and yall donโ€™t run the world. Fan said โ€˜you would feel the same way (tried to say Mac had a trash season..) let me see a FAN WIN A GAME IN THE NFL..โ€™

โ€œBETTER YET COMPLETE A PASS IN A GAME.. fans (trash) for acting like they can do better than ANY football player on ANY ROSTER.. let players build and develop into their best player on and off the field without the negativity from fans that cheer for the team..

โ€œOne day yall love mac the next day yall hate him.. one day yall love Jacc but the next day im a criminal that walk around wit guns.. raiders nation stand tall thru it all ups and downs from the time I been here fans had nothing but good things to say

โ€œBelieve it or not players feel that love from the fans nd at the same time we feel the tension too.. itโ€™s love forever raider nation.

โ€œFans build A beast or make a crumb.โ€

The Patriots have yet to find a franchise quarterback. They will enter the 2024 NFL Draft with a few major needs and analysts made some guesses regarding their No.3 pick. When it comes to cornerback Jones, he will probably continue firing shots at his former fanbase.