Jack Jones Opens Up About Getting Released By The Patriots

The New England Patriots drafted Jack Jones, hoping to get the best of his skill set. Well, it didn’t last long and the Patriots released Jones after the Week 10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Many would say this was an expected move for the team, but losing a talented player is never easy.

Jones caused too many issues since joining the Patriots. He was even arrested in June for possession of firearms. The cornerback missed curfew at a hotel a couple of weeks ago and head coach Bill Belichick benched him in Weeks 9 and 10. Seeing him go doesn’t come as a surprise. Belichick doesn’t mind having troubled players on his roster, but he definitely doesn’t want to be associated with disrespectful individuals. Was it disrespect? One thing stands for sure. Belichick had a few reasons to get rid of Jones and no one should question his decisions. Jones was on his roster for two seasons and was given too many chances.

“I felt like it was time to move on,” Belichick told the media after ignoring their questions on Jones for two days. The head coach did admit that Jones is a talented player. It seems like he is not someone who can fit in New England.

Jones joins the Raiders after leaving the Patriots

The Patriots let the young cornerback go and the Las Vegas Raiders didn’t waste any time. They got him right away. Jones didn’t feel good after the release, but he is happy about the new opportunity. He will have a chance to contribute in a different organization. He could use the best of his skills to help the Raiders win.

“It stung for sure,” Jones said. “That was the team that drafted me. Your mindset is you’re going to spend the first four years there. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But this is a blessing. I’m not going to lie. I feel like everything happened for a reason, and I’m happy to be here, blessed to be here, and ready to get to work.”