Rich Paul Likens LeBron James Nearing Retirement To Plane Landing

LeBron James’ retirement makes some of the hottest headlines lately. NBA analysts voice their opinion on the timeline of his retirement. LeBron seems to be enjoying the whole situation and he did drop some hints here and there. Let the crowds talk! Although he doesn’t pay much attention to outside noise and never lets anyone get under his skin, LeBron is well aware of the fact that he will have to call it career at some point.

LeBron is in his 21st NBA season and his game is elite. Age didn’t change his stats and LeBron’s elite basketball leads the team to a win most of the nights. However, Shams Charania believes that LeBron will play one or two more seasons. Does this make sense? Yes, he is 39, but will he really consider retiring at this point?

LeBron to play his best basketball before his retirement

LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, heard all the comments about his client’s retirement. He used the opportunity to fire a strong warning for the rest of the NBA.

“Yeah, Pat [McAfee], most people I talk to around LeBron James, about LeBron James, one to two more years is definitely the expectation that LeBron James is still going to play another year or two,” Charania said. “But it’s obvious — I mean based on his comments — he’s at the end of the road. And for players of LeBron James’ stature, it’s hard to come to grips with the reality of retirement.

“And I spoke to Rich Paul actually today about LeBron James’ future and — the openness that LeBron James is talking with about retirement and about being at the end of the road. Rich Paul told me, ‘It’s like landing a plane. You don’t just land right away. When you’re 45 minutes out — when you’re about to descend — there’s a warning. There’s a little bit of an announcement.’ And I think that’s where Rich Paul kind of said this is at.”