Lakers’ LeBron James Reacts To Bronny James’ NBA Draft Decision With A Twist

Bronny James had the opportunity to learn from the best. He receives solid advice from his popular father. I mean, being guided by LeBron James is definitely a big deal. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar follows every move his son makes and also tries to make sure Bronny does all the right things regarding his NBA future.

Bronny made a lot of huge headlines in the last few months. Everyone was shocked to hear that he suffered a heart arrest at such a young age. It had a huge impact on his performance on the floor. There was a delay in his plans, but it is all good now. Bronny looks and feels good at the moment and his family is really supportive.

LeBron is really proud of his sons and the basketball skills they have developed. Bronny and his brother Bryce Maximus have great skill set and even LeBron admits that they will have great basketball career.

Bronny has great plans for his NBA future

According to numerous reports, Bronny will declare for the NBA Draft and also enter the transfer portal for college basketball. As you may be guessing, LeBron supports his decisions.

The four-time NBA champion took to his social media to express his support for Bronny. It was a good decision and Bronny will try to get the best of it.

The James family will support every decision Bronny makes. It’s up to him to decide what works best for his skills and dreams.

NBA analysts agree that the 2024 class is not the strongest they have seen over the years. This could be a big advantage for LeBron’s oldest son. However, everything points to the fact that Bronny will play for a different program.

Bronny still needs to work on his talent and develop his skills even further. He averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game at USC. He can definitely provide better numbers.