Jacoby Brissett Shares Blunt Take On Potential Tom Brady-Patriots Comeback

Tom Brady joked about coming out of his retirement and some people got really scared or something. Seeing the greatest quarterback of all time hit the football field once again sounds scary. Brady and the New England Patriots built a dynasty and won six titles together. The GOAT won his seventh ring in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, yes, we have people act funny when someone mentions a potential Brady-Patriots comeback.

Brady caused an avalanche of reactions online. He shared a photo of him wearing a Patriots uniform and a long hair. The former Patriots QB said he’d come out of his retirement if he gets 50,000 likes.

It was an obvious joke as Brady enjoys his post-football life. Things didn’t go really smooth as he went through a divorce, but he does well in other aspects of life. Brady will be calling the top game of the week in 2024 for FOX and he will be doing that for over 10 years.

Brady’s former teammate Jacoby Brissett had a hilarious reaction to the comment the GOAT made.

“Nope. Not liking this post!” Brissett wrote.

A Brady-Patriots comeback would put fans in frenzy

The Patriots sent Mac Jones away, meaning they will rely on Brissett in 2024. They have yet to make a move in the upcoming draft and we don’t really know if they plan to use the No.3 overall to get a quarterback. If this happens, Brissett may not be the No.1 option for the Patriots. If Brady comes out of his retirement and joins the Patriots again, Brissett stands no chance as a starting signal-caller.

TB12 got people talking and it seems like fans won’t stop speculating. We don’t really think he’d unretired, but we can definitely agree that he knows how to stir the pot.

The Patriots made a lot of changes in the offseason and parted ways with Bill Belichick. Jerod Mayo will be coaching the team in 2024 and the newlook team shows great potential.