LeBron James’ Honest Take On Why Women’s College Basketball Is More Popular

LeBron James has great respect for great players and always praises their efforts on the basketball court. Iowa’s Caitlin Clark and LSU’s Angel Reese sure grabbed his attention. The four-time NBA champion watched them grow and develop in great stars. The Elite Eight mad headlines for so many reasons. According to LeBron, the women’s college basketball was more popular than men’s tournament this season.

The Lakers superstar talked to the media following the 125-120 win over the Washington Wizards. LeBron spoke about all the factors that led to the popularity of college basketball.

“I don’t think there’s much difference between the men and women game when it comes to college basketball. The popularity comes in [with] the icons that they have in the women’s game. You look at Angel Reese, JuJu [Watkins], you look at Caitlin Clark, you look at Paige [Bueckers],” LeBron said.

Lakers LeBron speaks about college basketball

LeBron added that the WNBA’s draft eligibility rules add to the popularity of women basketball. Women have to be at least 22 years to enter the big game.

“Because they’re not allowed to go the WNBA, you’re able to build a real iconic legacy at a program,” LeBron added. “That’s what we all love about it. We love the girl’s game because you get to see those girls make the Final Four and Elite Eight so great. Caitlin Clark is the reason we tune in. Players, depending on who they are, will drive the attention when it comes to viewership.”

Sue Bird advises WNBA

Women’s college basketball gained more popularity than the WNBA. Bird noted mentioned a few scenarios that could help the WNBA keep great players instead of letting them go.

“The WNBA needs to do something with their business where these kids who are creating followings in high school – which are gonna get magnified in college because of the college basketball platform and NCAA Tournament and all the things,” Bird said. “When those kids get to the WNBA, they can’t let them ever leave, and that could be a turning point, and it’s actually happening,” Bird said on The Ringer NBA Show.