Skip Bayless Shared Shocking Prediction For Potential Lakers Vs Nuggets Playoff Rematch

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in Sunday’s game. They have to do it again on Tuesday in order to go up. There’s a great chance to see the Lakers go against the Denver Nuggets in the playoff race. Believe it or not, Skip Bayless has a favorite in this race. The notorious LeBron James hater bets on the purple and gold.

The Lakers will go against the Pelicans in the play-in tournament. If LeBron and his teammates win this game, they will meet the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. NBA analysts are worried about the inconsistency Lakers players showed throughout the regular season. However, LeBron and his Lakers teammates have nothing to worry about. Players went out of their way to play their best basketball. LA has two chances to celebrate a win and enter the postseason.

There’s a theory that the Lakers may lose Tuesday’s game and win the next one to avoid a disaster. Playing against Nikola Jokic and Co. won’t be easy and they may prefer playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Bayless believes the Lakers will beat Jokic and the Nuggets

Bayless has his eyes on the Lakers and their great dominance. He claims that if the Lakers meet the Nuggets in the first round, he “got the Lakers this time.” Of course, Bayless used the opportunity to take a jab at LeBron. “If LeBron can’t close, Austin Reaves will.” LeBron may be 39, but his game is sharper than ever. He showed great performance on Sunday and showed his determination to win.

Fans would agree that the Lakers should win Tuesday’s game. They have to do this otherwise they may be forced to have a must-win game against the Golden State Warriors or Sacramento Kings. It won’t be easy and players will do the best for the franchise.

LeBron has great expectations from the team and the same goes to pretty much every NBA fan. Let’s see what happens on Tuesday.