James Harden Involved In Police Investigation

Can you put James Harden and ‘police investigation’ in the same sentence? Of course.

We all heard about the story in which James Harden threw a woman’s phone on the top of a nightclub in Scottsdale Arizona. Well, the police has just confirmed it.

Scottsdale police confirmed its investigation of the incident, but it is “far too early in the investigation” to confirm Harden’s guilt.

The incident happened at 2:30 a.m. Saturday at a downtown Scottsdale nightclub, as confirmed by Scottsdale police spokesman Officer Kevin Watts.

We don’t have much info on Harden’s involvement. However, we have the stories of several other sources. According to one of them, the woman partied at Mint nightclub on Saturday morning. A member of Harden’s entourage got into a fight, and the NBA star noticed she was recording the fight with her phone. So, Harden grabbed her wrist and threw her phone on the roof. Yes, he was apparently trying to sell the footage to TMZ.

The woman said Harden noticed she was recording the incident and asked her to delete it. She said Harden claimed to be aware of her intention. The woman said that a member of his crew offered her $200 for the phone. She took them, and then Harden gave her another $300.

The security personnel broke up the fight, and the woman eventually climbed up on the roof to take her phone back. It was still recording. She was later treated for the injury.

Police officers say the investigation is ongoing. Harden is named in the report, but not as a suspect. Not at this point.
Harden hasn’t responded to any request for comments.

This is not the first time a NBA star gets involved into an incident. But, hey, we all make mistakes. Everything is fine until things are kept under control.

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