Bill Belichick Mourns The Passing Of Legendary NFL Defensive Coach

Late defensive coach Joe Collier had a huge impact on former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Collier and Belichick didn’t spend too much time together, but did establish a strong bond.

Legendary Belichick issued a statement following the death of the former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator. According to him, Collier was “one of the greatest minds” in league history. He knew everything about the game and other coaches learned a lot from him. Collier set up a strong foundation in the NFL world. He was all-in when it comes to constructing strong game-prep and play calling.

“I was saddened to learn of the passing of Joe Collier,” Belichick said. “The year I spent with the Broncos in 1978 as Joe’s assistant was an incredible experience and opportunity to learn from one of the greatest minds to ever coach in the NFL.

“He took the time to educate and enlighten me on his preparation for game planning and play calling. I learned to see the game through the eyes of Coach Collier and will always cherish the professional and personal relationship we had. My sincerest condolences to his children and the entire family.”

Belichick had success against the defensive coordinator

Belichick became the best head coach to ever coach a NFL team. He was impeccable at the sideline and managed to build a dynasty. However, he will always remember the way Collier impacted his career.

Coach B was the Broncos’ assistant special teams coordinator and defensive assistant in 1978. He spent just one season with the team and did a good job. The New York Giants offered him a deal in 1979 and the team won two Super Bowls. The first big win happened against the Broncos in 1986. Collier had to coach against his colleague and the outcome was spectacular.

When it comes to Belichick, he is not related to any NFL point at the moment. We have no insight into his next move, but he may not be willing to return to the NFL at this point.