Draymond Green Drops Truth Bomb On Why Lakers HC Darvin Ham Shouldn’t Be Fired

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to fire head coach Darvin Ham, but Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green says it would be a big mistake. The Denver Nuggets beat the Lakers in the series, removing them from the playoff run. Is Ham responsible for the disaster?

Lakers players seemed to be frustrated throughout the regular season, criticizing some of the decisions Ham made. Green doesn’t believe that Ham’s coaching is the only reason for the loss. He claims that everyone should be held accountable, including players, assistants, and even owners.

“I think it’d be wrong to fire him. He’ll catch a lot of flak for the season that they had but their roster didn’t get better than last year and they were a play-in team,” Green said. “Yeah, they made it to the Conference Finals with LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing the way that they were playing but they didn’t get better.”

Green says Ham is not responsible for the loss, blames entire Lakers franchise

Green had a few good reasons to say this. He discussed the changes LA made, including the switch in the point guard position.

“They lost Dennis Schroder. I don’t think they replaced him well. Gabe Vincent didn’t bring anything to the season. Obviously, he was hurt,” Green added.

The Warriors icon went on suggesting that Ham didn’t have too many options to work with. He condemned Lakers fans for their attitude after the loss to Denver. Everyone is responsible for the frustrating end of the season.

“I don’t think the roster got better but you expected better results. But, everybody would blame Darvin Ham like it’s his fault. Is it really?” Green concluded. “Hopefully, they don’t just fire Darvin like it’s his fault and no one else’s fault. I think that’s garbage.”

The Lakers will enter an important season and they better make some much needed changes. Will Ham stay around for another season? We have people suggesting that LeBron is trying to put JJ Redick in that position.