LeBron James Expected To Sign $162 Million Contract

LeBron James has a $51.4 million player option to consider and is expected to make a decision by the end of June. It will be an important decision for the four-time NBA champion. Moreover, LeBron’s decision can change the scenery in Los Angeles. NBA analysts have made bold predictions about LeBron and his contract situation and most of them believe that he will pick up his player option.

Greg Swartz from Bleacher Report shared his opinion on LeBron’s next move. He believes that LeBron will sign a new contract worth $162 million and get a no-trade clause.

“James can make more money by picking up his $51.4 million player option and extending off of it for two seasons, per Bobby Marks of ESPN, but he is eligible to get a no-trade clause if he opts out and signs a three-year deal instead,” Swartz wrote in his “NBA Free-Agency Predictions” article released earlier this month. “Expect James to give $2.4 million back in order to get the no-trade protection in his contract, one that may end up being his last in the NBA. Contract Prediction: Three years, $162 million with full no-trade clause.”

LeBron faces a mysterious contract situation

The Lakers superstar has dropped a few hints about his free agency and so did his agent. Rich Paul did paint LeBron as a free agent and surprised NBA fans. According to the Klutch Sports owner, LeBron is free to make the best decision for his career.

“Look, LeBron is a free agent,” Paul said of LeBron’s offseason situation. “I gotta focus on his business, and let the Lakers hire whoever they hire [as head coach]. He’s always shown up and played for whatever coach is there.”

Paul didn’t share any information on their offseason plans. They will go through each option and pick the best for LeBron’s career.

“I don’t know what he’s gonna do,” Paul added. “We’re gonna do what we do every year. We’re gonna evaluate the situation and we’re gonna make the best decision.”