Amazing: Sony Michel Shows Great Character In Sending Special Gift To His Parents

Sony Michel lives his game to the fullest, and the NFL is the opening door for his brilliant career. Michel enjoys every single benefit of his new status, and let’s be honest, it’s a dream come true.

The New England Patriots drafted Michel several months ago with the No. 31 overall pick for their first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The amazing running back used social networks to unveil the great surprise he set for his parents. Michel’s Instagram story is probably the most heart-touching thing you’ll ever seen, and his parents must be proud of him.

“I rather my parents live their best life now. Real goals!!! Enjoy” Michel’s story read. The message was followed by pics of his mother, and her new Audi SUV. His father will be rolling a brand new Chevy pickup truck.

Being a star in professional sports comes with awesome benefits, and this is just another story of a draftee who has made his leap into professional sports. Michel must be proud of himself, too. Although he promised to put most of his first NFL money in the bank, it seems like he’s more into spoiling his parents a but. Well, they are responsible for his great success after all. Michel’s parents made sure he enters the big gate, and here he is… enjoying his professional paycheck.

Michel had an amazing final season at Georgia. He rushed for 1,227 yards on 7.9 yards per carry. His 16 touchdowns and nine catches were quite a hit.

“He’s a very physical guy for a guy that’s very good in the open field. Most of those guys are scat-back guys [but] he has some stout to him. He’s not a little guy. He’s broad-shouldered. He’s a size player that can pound it away and can make things happen in the open space,” Patriots running backs coach Ivan Fears said earlier this offseason.
And yes, Michel is ready to give his best.

“My strengths are just to be able to, I would just say, get positive yards, be able to execute a play whatever my job is on that play. Being able to execute a play well, whether it’s blocking, running the ball or catching the ball,” Michel said of his great game.

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