Tom Brady Responded To Ben Affleck’s Question About QB’s Future

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t really want to talk about his future with the New England Patriots. He is set to become a free agent, and that’s the only thing we know about him. Head coach Bill Belichick wants him on the team. The same goes for team owner Robert Kraft. Brady has yet to make a decision about his future career. Will he stay? Will he go? Tom Brady responded to Ben Affleck’s question, and it was hilarious.

Brady has to sign a new deal with the Patriots prior to March 18. He will become a free agent for the first time in his long career. When will Brady make his decision? Even his biggest fans can’t get an answer. Ben Affleck is a diehard Patriots fan and a great friend of Brady. He tried to get an answer about Brady’s future, but all he got was an emoji.

“Me and Matt (Damon) texted him, ‘What’s the deal? You going or you staying?’ And this is what we got back, an emoji,” Affleck said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “So I really have no information for you.”

We can’t really blame Brady for this. He is about to make a big move, and he has to play carefully. He can’t have obstacles on the way. This is a really important period for the GOAT.

Will Ben Affleck’s question motivate Tom Brady on his future?

Is there any chance for Brady to play with a different team? Affleck would hate that. He really likes Brady and his role on the team. Seeing him wear a different uniform would be a nightmare for the diehard fan.

The Las Vegas Raiders have shown great interest in the Patriots quarterback. They are willing to give him $60 million and a two-year contract. Let’s not forget that Brady will turn 43 in August. This means that the Raiders would want him at 45.

Things are getting really hot in Foxboro, and everyone expects a positive answer from Brady and Belichick. Will he re-sign a deal with the Patriots? Let’s see what happens in March. Teams will be able to negotiate with Brady on March 16. The Los Angeles Chargers have shown interest, too.

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