Cavaliers Might Keep LeBron James With Their Latest Move

The Cavaliers somehow managed to get LeBron James in their game, and their top goal is to make him stay in it. This could be a real challenge now that LeBron is about to make his great decision.

The NBA star will make a step forward as he’s sliding through the final year of his contract. He will have to say the word on July 4th. The Cavaliers are making serious bets now.

Here’s what happens with the Cavaliers. Their general manager Koby Altman is hoping to get Collin Sexton inside, aiming towards the possibility that James stays in their team.

“I hope, I think the pick, along with our youth and our momentum as a franchise, for LeBron and for everybody, I think there’s a real energy here. and I think the talent level of Collin I’m almost sure LeBron recognizes,” Altman said.

If by any chance LeBron decided to pass his $35.6 million written on his contract, he will become a free agent.
Cleveland was pushed on the side by the Warriors. However, LeBron is still in his “champion mode,” and this may affect his final decision. “I think I’ve shown this year why I will still continue to be in championship mode,” James said.

Altman didn’t say much about James being free agent. According to him, LeBron’s season was absolutely remarkable and historical. “He gave his heart and soul, die-hard energy, commitment to this team, to this franchise, to the city, to Northeast Ohio. And I like I said, it was an historical year and probably one of the best postseason runs of all time and very, very fortunate to have him here and what he gave to this franchise this year was nothing short of remarkable,” he said.

He really believes that James has every right to approach the contract this way, because yes, we all know why.

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