Here’s How Billy Preston Will Fit With The Cavaliers

Billy Preston is quite a mystery, and fans are trying really hard to figure out who this man is. The Cleveland Cavaliers fans are focused on the player, and to be honest, there isn’t much information about him.

We know something about his time in high school, but that can’t help us figure out the way he fits the NBA. That’s quite a role, and many wonder if Billy Preston is ready for the big name.

Let’s go through some evaluations of the 2018 NBA Draft’s mystery man. This would give us an idea of him, and maybe we could get the whole picture.

First, Preston has some great physical tools. He’s 6 foot ½ inches in shoes, and offers a wingspan of 7 foot 2. The wide shoulders and awesome strength make him a mobile four-man and a small-ball five in the NBA.
Preston’s body fat percentage is 5.45, and this value is better than the one of Collin Sexton and Grayson Allen. This makes him sixth best of the power forwards and centers checked at the event.

247Sports recruiting experts Josh Gershon and Evan Daniels had quite an interesting episode based on Preston’s power.

“The biggest thing he does well is he can really shoot it for his size, for that position, for his athleticism. He’s going to be able to have a role in the league in my mind as if nothing else a guy who can really stretch the floor with his physical tools. How much he builds on his game around that is going to dictate how successful he ultimately is. He has a really good building block right there with his physical makeup and his shooting ability,” Gershon said.

Daniels agreed on this one, saying that Preston is an excellent NBA prospect due to his versatility, physical gifts and scoring knack.

“This is a guy at 6-10 that’s got wide shoulders and long arm, and you mentioned the plus athleticism. But he’s so versatile as an offensive guy. You can go post him on the block. He can step out and make shots from the mid post or even out to 3,” he said.

There you go. Billy Preston sure fits the game, right?

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