Here’s The Only Thing That Could Keep LeBron James With Cavs

LeBron James will soon be a free agent. At least that’s why people say. LeBron is finishing his game with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is about to made a final decision. Everything points to the fact that he may stay with the Cavs, and his reasons are huge.

Although James has tons of suitors, the NBA star may eventually sign another contract with the Cavs. The next season may be great, too.

According to Stephen A. Smith, there is one big thing that could keep LeBron with the Cavaliers.

“I’ve been told that the only thing that’ll keep LeBron James in Cleveland is if his lovely wife, Savannah, and those three beautiful children of his say, ‘Daddy … ‘ or his wife says, ‘Honey, we want to stay in Cleveland.’ That’s the only thing that’s going to keep him in Cleveland,” Smith said.

Some experts say that LeBron can actually become a free agent in July, while others claim that he will keep up with the Cavaliers. The Los Angeles Lakers are top favorites, but will they have the power to win? LeBron’s family takes a very special place in his life.

“One of the things that LeBron James is incredibly grateful for — he religiously brings up — is the sacrifices that his family and loved ones have made for him,” Smith added.

Dwyane Wade said something that triggered an avalanche of comments regarding LeBron’s free agency decision. He believes that his good friend will base his decision upon “things” that are related to something more than his basketball.

This could change everything, and we believe that LeBron will think twice before signing another contract. Will he discuss the matter with his lovely wife? Probably. Let’s just wait and see what happens next with the Cavs. LeBron will make the right decision, and he has our full support.

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