How Danielle Hunter’s Contract Impacts Trey Flowers

Danielle Hunters and Trey Flowers have similar powers in the world of football. They can freely brag about their three awesome seasons, the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots. Both players racked up nice sack numbers, and Hunter posted 19.5 over the last two years. Flowers went with 13.5.

Trey Flowers is a core defensive piece for his team’s future, and so is Hunter. Keeping them around would be super pricey. Now Hunter agreed to a brand new 5-year contract worth $72 million. This is a nice scheme for Flowers’ eventual contract.

Let’s talk about statistics. Flowers fought his way into the lineup during the second season, and he had already missed two games last year. He doesn’t even share a field with another major pass-rusher. That’s not the case with Hunter. He has to share the field with Everson Griffen.

When it comes to sacks, Flowers has 69.2 percent as many over the last two seasons as Hunter. Add this to Hunter’s contract, and you’ll get to a $49.8 million contract over five years. These numbers are somewhat lower than this offseason’s market. If Flowers signed this deal, he could make $3.7 million per sack for the last two years.

Vinny Curry signed the best deal when it comes to the ultimate defensive ends of the offseason. Curry and DaQuan Jones have $4.2 million per sack. In other words, Flowers and Hunter are underpaid.

The best deal would be negating both Flowers and Hunter, and giving Flowers a smaller version of Hunter’s deal. Nice compromise, right?

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