Jimmy Garoppolo Already Ranks Ahead Of Tom Brady In This Category

Tom Brady was ranked first in the NFL’s Top 100. But, it seems like Jimmy Garoppolo is making huge progress. He’s young and capable of doing things. Can you believe that Garoppolo is actually the best in at least one category?

We can’t really tell if Brady likes the idea that the young Garoppolo could become better than him.

Well, Brady is the brightest star in the team, and he can offer a lot more than we can even imagine. The team trusts him, and owners support him.

But, something interesting happened months ahead of this season. It seems like Jimmy has all eyes on him, and now we can freely say that he’s a favorite. That’s what the NFL’s latest ranking of jerseys says. Guess whose jersey is a top-selling product?

Brady deserves to has his name put on this list, because he will enter the 19th season in the NFL. Words can’t express the excitement of having such a good player around for this long.

We aren’t really surprised by the fact that Garoppolo came in at No. 2. He can go even higher, right? The young player has the game in his hands, and we’re looking forward to see more of his skills.

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