Report: Tom Brady Has Suffered An Injury

Getting an injury during practice is a common thing, and Tom Brady knows it best.

The New England Patriots quarterback didn’t take part in the team’s preseason opener, and it seems like head coach Belichich made last-minute changes. Tom Brady was about to see action in the game against the Redskins, but he didn’t play because of the soreness in his back. Yes, we’re talking about an injury.

This isn’t the brightest way to celebrate his $5 million in incentives, but you don’t play games with a sore back. Brady’s $5 million addition is a big thing these days. When it comes to the injury, sources confirm that Brady’s practice load was drastically cut down in the past week.

The Patriots celebrated a 26-17 win, and head coach Belichick responded to any questions related to Brady’s absence. As you may be guessing, he wasn’t really forthcoming with the answer. “Some players played, some didn’t. We tried to play people we wanted to take a look at and give some reps to,” Belichick said.

Most of the quarterback reps went straight to Brian Hoyer. He finished 16 of 23 for 144 yards. Danny Etling saw action in the game, and went 2 of 5 for 21 yards. We all noticed that Hoyer and Etling were getting most of the practice reps in the last period because of Brady’s back issue.

How light was Brady’s workload? As light as you can imagine. He took a day off, and he didn’t take any full-team reps on one particular day. The following three practices were also light for the quarterback.

Missing the game isn’t such a big thing. Have you ever noticed that Brady doesn’t play in Week 1 of any preseason?
Tom Brady better take care of this back issue, as he will have to carry a big load this year, and that’s no joke.

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