Joel Embiid Has a Simple Recruiting Pitch for LeBron James

Suitors are buzzing around LeBron James, and they all hope to land him. Fans are more than positive that he will become a free agent on July 1. However, Joel Embiid has an offer for him.

Recruiting the best player in the world could save Joel Embiid from so much trouble. He’s convinced that he could win the Big LeBron’s heart. What’s his secret? Embiid will probably give him a few compliments and championship promises. So classy.

James LeBron is aware of the fact that he’s the brightest star in the NBA. Hearing Joel Embiid saying it is more than an honor for him.

Embiid and LeBron can actually do something together. Embiid would do anything to bond with the NBA star, but will this convince LeBron to Trust the Process?

His pitch is a rather simple, and Philly fans would gladly work hard to bring LeBron to Philadelphia.

LeBron James is about to make a decision, and the whole thing will end within a few days. Other players will start engaging in their recruitment strategy by the weekend.

Embiid’s recruitment speaks volumes, and he really knows how to show his respect for King James. He may not be trying really hard with banana boats and planes, but LeBron sure appreciated his honor.

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