Julian Edelman Drops Bombshell On His Suspension PED Test Appeal

Julian Edelman sure stirred the pot with the last controversy regarding his performance-enhancing drug test. Many wonder if the National Football League failed to follow the proper protocol while administering the test.

This is what the wide receiver claims, as confirmed by a report. Julian Edelman found himself in big trouble, and this is something that needs a decent explanation.

Edelman faces a four-game suspension for breaking the NFL’s PED policy. He “plans to mount a vigorous defense” at his appeal hearing on Monday, as reported by ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

“As the MMQB reported a few days (after news of the suspension broke June 7), the substance for which Edelman tested positive wasn’t one the league’s drug testers recognized. That remains one of two key issues at the heart of his appeal,” Graziano noted.

“The other, according to a source, involves a mishandling of the documentation and delivery of Edelman’s test results. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that the NFL had made mistakes in the manner in which those test results were handled. Edelman is arguing that the mishandling of the evidence is one of the reasons he should be exonerated,” he added.

Graziano also wrote about Edelman hiring an attorney. Alex Spiro will assist in his appeal. It’s also possible that Edelman takes the case to the federal court if the League upholds the suspension.

“Given the addition of Spiro to the defense, and the recent history between the Patriots and the NFL in the Tom Brady Deflategate matter, it’s not out of the question that Edelman could end up pursuing an appeal of his case in federal court if the arbitration does not go his way,” Graziano explained.

In his Instagram post, Edelman claims that he doesn’t even know what caused the positive results in his test. “I’m very sorry. I don’t know what happened. I’ve taken many, many test obviously over the course of my career, and nothing like this has ever happened,” Edelman wrote.

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