LeBron James Breaks Social Media Silence to Show What He’s Doing With Offseason

When was the last time you spotted LeBron James’ post on social networks? As you may have noticed, the NBA star has been absent from Instagram, and it’s strange how he decided to step back. LeBron was pretty active on Instagram, and it all went black.

Everything changed on Saturday, as the star came back, and made quite a show for his fans. You all wanted to know what’s LeBron James up to this offseason.

LeBron’s Instagram story was actually a short video showing his fans more details about his offseason. Fans were thrilled to watch the video on their Friday night, and the story was amazing. LeBron was actually assisting LeBron James Jr.’s AAU squad, the North Coast Blue Chips.

Next morning, the Big LeBron surprised his fans once again. He added another story, showing everyone that he’s in the gym. You can all guess what he was doing, right? LeBron is more than ready for the next season.

Many won’t say it, but LeBron has a lot of haters buzzing behind his back. Remember what happened last summer? He posted tons of gym photos and videos right after the big loss in the 2017 NBA finals. This time he is back in the gym and ready to prove everyone wrong.

Just hours later, LeBron posted another photo of his sons, James Jr. and Bryce James. This was the first time LeBron posted a photo on Instagram since May.

We got now we don’t care who got next! Young Kings ?. For Generations On

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Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. The four-time NBA MVP came back on Instagram right after everyone started talking about his free agency.

Absolutely no one knows what’s James up to. He will sure continue his NBA career, but we don’t know the exact direction of his plans. The big star is about to make a big choice now, and it will all turn good for him.

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