LeBron James Has Made Some Big Changes To His Social Media Account

Everyone is talking about the possibility that LeBron James becomes a free agent. The NBA star will have to make a decision by the end of the month, and he will announce it on July 4th. Rumors keep coming out, and LeBron’s free agency is a top story these days. This includes the social media as well.

This didn’t stop the Los Angeles Lakers from trying to land the Big LeBron. Many say they have real chances of signing him, but Cleveland Cavaliers have high hopes, too. Maybe the social media will say more about it.

The latest speculation involve Paul George. It’s been said that he will re-up with Oklahoma City, and this could actually turn into a “big blow” to the Lakers’ chances of landing LeBron.

The NBA star fueled the fire. He made a few intriguing changes to his social media pages, and yes, people are talking now. The story goes pretty high.

LeBron used a picture of himself for his Twitter and Instagram account. He also changed his Twitter header from the Cavaliers championship parade into Akron related photos.

Shady much? Well, people will sure speculate even more now. Comments are rising on every field, and even Reddit is on fire.

Everything will be solved within a week, and we’ll now more about LeBron’s future decision. Will he stay with the team? Or will he go with the Lakers? Maybe he prefers the ‘free agency’ part after all.

LeBron is still in the team, and he won’t go anywhere until July 1st. Suitors are already buzzing around, and all of them hope to sign him. This is a thing now, and everybody wants to get LeBron James. He’s the star after all.

So, the World Cup isn’t a thing now that fans are excited about LeBron and his free agency decision. It’s probably the most interesting spot in the world of sports.

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