NBA Announces The 2017-18 MVP Award Winner

The NBA announced the winner of the NBA MVP award, and James Harden finally got it. Harden finished in second place in two previous votes, and this time things turned good for him. He needed 262 more voted to defeat Stephen Curry in the 2014-2015 season. Last season, Harden lost to Russell Westbrook by 135 points.

Harden carries pretty heavy load, and fans do believe that he should have one at least one award. Some say that he deserved two awards. He was the only All Star representing the team, and somehow managed to take the Houston Rockets to the top-three seeds in the horrifyingly competitive Western Conference.

So, after his two second-place finishes, Harden finally received the most prestigious individual award. Well, it’s not like we’re surprised. Harden deserved the award, because his season was more than amazing.

Experts would agree that this was actually one of the most efficient seasons in his career. Harden had an effective field goal percentage and true shooting percentage. Let’s not forget the two-point field goal percentage. Harden is also is the third greatest leader in assists, right behind Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. He was one of the most prolific rebounders if you take into consideration his 5.4 rebounds per night.

Chris Paul gave the Rockets the best regular season in entire franchise history. Fans were concerned about his game, and many believed that his presence could hurt Harden in terms of statistics. It seemed like the ball-dominant guards won’t be able to work together. However, nothing could stop the Rockets last season thanks to both giants. They were leading the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 3-2 during the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately, Paul was injured, and the Rockets weren’t able to close out the series. That’s how the Warriors won their second consecutive championship.


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