NBA Players Predict What LeBron Will Do As A Free Agent

LeBron James struck everyone wih his decision on free agency. Well, it’s not like we weren’t expecting anything like this. However, the NBA star surprised us, and now players are guessing the next scenario of the free agent.

We don’t have much info on LeBron’s future plans. It’s much better if we wait for him to make an official announcement. This didn’t stop speculations on the free agent, and everyone has their own version.

Many playoff teams are hoping to land LeBron. What’s LeBron’s best landing spot? He will probably make a wise choice now. King James knows that he can play at a championship level, and he actually proved this following Game 4.

James will make his final word pretty soon, and he will sure listen to what his family has to say. Who will James join forces with? Opting out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a piece of cake, but what will happen next? Will LeBron regret his decision?

NBA players shared their opinion on social media, and we can pretty much agree with some of them. Will LeBron say a word on this one? Who knows…

“Bron back to Miami, could be a contender. With bron add another star and they back in the finals,” Atlanta Hawks Guard Malcolm Delaney tweeted.

Orlando Magic Guard Evan Fournier believes that LeBron will stay in Cleveland.

“Lmao I’m sorry to say this but to all the BK fans asking me/us to recruit Bron. He ain’t coming here lol I’m not even gonna sell y’all that dream,” Brooklyn Nets Guard Spencer Dinwiddie tweeted.

“Also laker nation get ready for the playoffs we back,” Los Angeles Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma wrote on his Twitter account.

Lou Williams said that the “League gonna be weird as hell next year.” Well, it sure will be. LeBron James stirred the pot this time.

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