NFL Player’s Epic Reaction To Tom Brady Ranking No. 1 On Top 100 List

Tom Brady is the brightest part of the National Football League, and he was given the biggest honor in history. The New England Patriots quarterback took the leading position on the NFL Top 100 list. For the third time in history Brady becomes the No. 1 player, and he’s won the award for the second year in a row. Believe it or not, this is the first time that something like this happens.

NFL players took their time to express their opinion, and Tom Brady will definitely enjoy some of them.

“No. 1? It’ll probably be Tom. Tom’s been slaying it. That’s an easy belt taker right there,” Titans tackle Taylor Lewan noted.

He even respects other quarterbacks.

“When I look at him, it’s the same kind of mindset that I try to get myself into from just watching him. He says calm and he just does his job. Let’s lock in and do the little things. Let my feet be right, let my accuracy be right, let my read be right, let my eyes be right. And when you just keep watching him over the years doing those little things over and over again, it’s not some crazy thing. He’s just doing the little things right when it’s hard,” Raider quarterback Derek Carr said.

“The thing about Tom is that he’s super clutch. You know, when the game is on the line he has no fear. I’ve got a lot of respect for Tom. I mean, how could you not? He’s the greatest of all-time,” Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said.

In 2016, Brady took the top, and earned his third MVP award in 2017. His results are great, and no other player could do better than that. How long will Brady stay in the world of football? As long as his legs run, meaning he will stay here for a while.

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