Patriots Just Broke Seven Years Old Tradition During Practice

Fans adore the New England Patriots for several great reasons, and their traditions is a thing we all admire. Teams have had the opportunity to train along the stars for seven seasons, and it was quite a show for us all. Well, guess what happened this time…

So, now, the Patriots will hold things closer to their chest, and their practice will be some sort of… private?
The New England Patriots won’t have a joint practice with other teams for the first time since their season in 2011. And yes, they will go solo throughout the whole summer.

Everything has changed in New England, and it seems like their dynasty was brought to an end.

The Patriots didn’t say anything about the team they were supposed to be practicing with during the preseason. The choice was put on the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. Washington is tied to the city of Richmond, and it would be hard for them to travel to New England for a week. The Eagles will also play solo.


Some say that this is actually good for each team. Remember all the drama that surrounds the Patriots? Well, nobody wants to be part of it, and it seems like teams aren’t willing to share the same field with a toxic organization. Yes, that’s what Pats are being called.

Such a shame… Philadelphia has a lot to offer, and joint practices bring nice stories. But, every team knows its policy, and things are tight with all the scandals surrounding the league.

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