Patriots’ Malcolm Mitchell Gives Update On His Knee Injury… And It’s Bad!

Being a professional player means that you will fall and rise, and fall and rise again. Football players hurt themselves badly, and Malcolm Mitchell is probably a top star when it comes to having injuries.

The Patriots wide receiver keeps doing a rehab for his injuries, and fans are devastated to see him injured over and over again. Will Mitchell get better?

He missed his last season due to a knee injury, and he only included in the conditioning part during the offseason. This raised so many questions about his status for the training camp.

Will Mitchell feel better for the camp?

The wide receiver is not even sure if he will get better for the camp.

When asked about his condition, the wide receiver didn’t give a precise answer.


Although this doesn’t give much information about Mitchell’s condition, we can already make a guess.

Patriots fans will probably wait patiently for more information, hoping that Mitchell will get stronger for his next game. It would be great if he returns in the field, feeling better than ever.

He had quite a play during the rookie season. This was rather important for the team, mostly for their win over Atlanta in Super Bowl LI.

Tom Brady himself targeted the wide receiver in seven occasions, and finished six of the passes for 70 yards. In other words, he is able to withstand pressure. Mitchell is a talented football player, and the team needs his game, especially at the beginning of the season. Let’s not forget Julian Edelman’s suspension. That was bad.

When will Mitchell feel better? Will he be ready for the season?

We really wish him all the best, and hope that he’d be able to get into the groove before the beginning of the regular season. Fans would be disappointed to watch a game without their favorite player.

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