Patriots’ Owner Robert Kraft Shares An 18-Year-Old Ritual He Has With Tom Brady

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has quite a ritual with quarterback Tom Brady, and the whole thing has been going on for 18 years.

Robert Kraft likes to look in Brady’s eyes before each game in order to guess the outcome.

“I’ve had a ritual for the whole time that Tommy’s been playing where I see him right at his locker before the game and we have a little chat. I can usually look in his eyes and usually see how we’re going to do,” said the chairman and the CEO of the Kraft Group.

According to Kraft, Brady has a pretty good hand, noting that it’s in an excellent shape. The Pats owner added that Brady can be part of the team as long as he wants. It’s more than clear that the star quarterback enjoys Kraft’s full support.

“I don’t think there’s any other franchise that’s had a quarterback that long. We collect good people and we create community. The bottom line is that Brady wins,” Kraft said.

Robert Kraft took the ownership of the team in 1994, and that’s when he became the chairman. The team qualified for the playoffs that year, and they broke the eight-season break.

Tom Brady has been giving good results since the very first moment he became part of the Patriots family. Fans love him, and Kraft is definitely happy with his game. Well, who wouldn’t be? Brady is a powerful machine, and as Kraft said, his name speaks volumes. That’s exactly what every team needs, and we do hope that Brady will keep up the good job in the team. We’re looking forward to his future success, and may his seasons be as good as his career. Kraft has every right to be proud of him, and so are many Americans.

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