Report: Cavaliers Make A Decision On Trading Kevin Love

The free agency period starts off on Sunday, and the Cleveland Cavaliers hope to re-sign LeBron James. King James decided to opt out of his deal with the Cavs. What will happen if they don’t manage to re-sign the NBA star? The Cavs would probably trade forward Kevin Love. At least that’s what rumors say.

This is rather huge speculation, and that would be the only expected scenario if the Cavs don’t re-sign LeBron. But, Joe Vardon of says that the Cavs won’t trade their star even if LeBron doesn’t come back. Will Kevin Love stay?

“Free agency starts at 12:01 Sunday morning, when teams can begin negotiating with players. The Cavs, who for now are way over the NBA’s projected $101 million salary cap and have only a few roster spots to fill, are not expected to make an early splash outside of whatever happens with James,” Vardon wrote.

“Sources told this week that the Cavs would not trade Love, a five-time All-Star who is owed about $50 million over the next two seasons, if James leaves as a free agent. Sources say James is strongly considering joining the Los Angeles Lakers,” he added.

What will the Cavs do next? They will probably re-sign Rodney Hood and Jeff Green. “Cleveland has a $5.3 million exception to the salary cap, and can go over the cap to re-sign restricted free agent Rodney Hood. The team is also interested in Jeff Green coming back. Green played on a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum last season,” Vardon noted.

This is not the only time Love’s name was involved in rumors. It seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to keep him in order to rebuild the roster if Jams doesn’t come back. It would be interesting to watch their game now that LeBron became a free agent.

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