Report: Cops Investigating Dead Body Found at Home of Giants Star

This is something you see on TV or maybe it could be your next favorite horror movie. The Giants star is losing the grip, and things don’t go pretty smooth for him.

So, Janoris Jenkins was suspended by the Giants, and it was a terrible scandal in his career. Now he has to deal with a dead body. Can you believe it?

Reports confirm that the police found a dead body in Jenkins’ home in New Jersey. Don’t rush into making a story, because Jenkins was in Florida at the time. Although the cornerback wasn’t home, this scandal will sure impact his work for the Giants.

Jenkins’ camps knows the details of the situation. They also know that the body was located in his basement.

The Giants are shaken after the latest development of events, and this was the last thing Jenkins needed at the moment. He has had enough problems in the past, and he really didn’t need that dead body in his home.

First, it was the Gators who kicked him out for using drugs. He had problems with St. Louis, too. So, Jenkins is in big trouble now, and we can’t really say that he’s the most successful player in football.

The police will proceed with the investigation in order to determine what really happened in that house.

The identity of the victim is unknown, and Jenkins is not in the state. His agents aren’t available for comments regarding the situation. This leaves fans empty-handed and anxious. What will happen next?

It’s strange to think that a football star could have something to do with a dead body, but you know, strange things happen all the time. We can keep discussing over the possible scenario, but maybe we better wait for the official report by the police.

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