Report: Lakers Secure A Key Trade To Land LeBron

LeBron James runs out of time as the deadline for his final decision is right around the corner. Suitors are waiting for the star to make a move forward, and they all hope to land him. The Los Angeles Lakers are top favorites, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are slowly leaving the game.

Fans hoped that LeBron would stay with the Cavs, but it seems like the team is taking a step forward. Without the Big LeBron, of course. Things are getting pretty complicated, and the Lakers hope to get the best of the game.

The Lakers have already started their trade discussions over Kawhi Leonard, and that just adds up to the full story. This summer will definitely be the hottest of them all. And by ‘hot’ I mean intriguing.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers are trying to secure a trade for Kawhi in order to get LeBron on their side. LeBron is expected to become a free agent in July, and you can already guess the further development of events.

First, many thought that LeBron would base his decision on the possibility that Paul George leaves Oklahoma City and heads for Los Angeles. It seems like the PG13 will re-sign with the Thunder. This changes the climate for LeBron.
Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka would have to create a nice package and get the Spurs to engage in what they said they would never do. The team will have to deal the franchise star and former Finals MVP for a Western Conference rival. Blurry much?

“ESPN story reported with @WindhorstESPN and @ramonashelburne: As LeBron James’ Friday deadline to enter free agency looms, pressure mounts for Lakers to acquire Kawhi Leonard in a trade,” Wonjarowski tweeted.

Let’s fire the game, boys. Things are getting pretty interesting in LA, right?

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