Report: LeBron James Has Been In Touch With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

LeBron James is filling headlines these days, and people are waiting for his final word. Fans bet on him leaving the Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers, and some say that he may end up being a free agent.

Kawhi Leonard’s request for a trade marked the beginning of the 2018 offseason. However, the Big LeBron will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers until July 1.

Everyone was surprised to learn that the stars actually talked over their future.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said that LeBron had been in contact with Leonard and Paul George.

“Well I’ve been convinced for months that Kawhi and LeBron are connected. Where Kawhi goes will affect LeBron. Not necessarily that they would be teammates with each other, but it could block options that LeBron would have,” Windhorst explained. “But one thing I can tell you, I’ve got to believe that LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are in touch during this process, and Paul George. This is the time of year when free agents and potential guys that can get traded do business with each other. So my guess is if they haven’t been talking, they will be talking to see if there is a way that they can match up, or a way they can stay apart,” Windhorst said.

Although many believe that the trio will end up in the LA Lakers’ locker, Windhorst has something else to say. “I know that a lot of people are assuming that these guys are all going to end up with the Lakers together,” he said. “I think that’s a long shot at this point,” he added.

The Cavs will probably try to join the forces of Leonard and James in their team, and maybe even George will spice up the game. We’ll have more details in a week. That’s what we hope for.

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