Report: The Most Underappreciated Current Patriot Has Been Revealed

Teams are more like families, and you know how things go… some members just don’t get the respect they deserve. The same applies to players. Some of them get often overlooked and underappreciated. Everybody is just focusing on the stars who lead the game. Dont’a Hightower would sure need more attention. He’s a good Patriot after all.

Boston is super vibrant sports town, and there are a bunch of players who are underappreciated. This is one of the hottest topics these days, and an episode of Boston Sports Tonight on NBC Sports Boston was dedicated on this subject. You already know why we mentioned the Patriot, right?

Xander Bogearts of the Red Sox, Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron and Celtics big guy Al Horford are awesome players who lost some limelight. What brought us here? it’s the teams’ stars who steal all the attention.

Safety Devin McCourty, special teamer Matthey Slater and pass rusher Trey flowers from the New England Patriots were mentioned as well. But, if you’re really looking for the Patriots player who is the most underappreciated, then you’d like to check up the linebacker. Yes, Dont’a Hightower is an underappreciated member of the Patriots family.

Hightower was the toughest pillar of the Patriots’ defense since the team drafted the Alabama guy in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. His game wasn’t in the focus. It was actually the ability to stay on the field. Hightower stayed on the field in all 16 regular season games for one single time during his career.

Last season, his campaign was cut short due to a pectoral muscle issues.

If you take this on the side, you’d see that Hightower is an awesome player.

Malcolm Butler made that historic goal line interception off Wilson to clinch New England Super Bowl XLIX, and the only thing that brought him to this was Hightower’s ability to block the bowling ball that is Marshawn Lynch. And he did all this with an injured shoulder.

The Patriots trailed the Falcons 28-12 in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI, and Hightower did it again, and gave his team the ball right outside the red zone.

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