Report: Top Playoff Team Clearing Maximum Space For LeBron

LeBron James is on his way of making the biggest decision in his life, and everyone is trying to get his attention. Suitors are buzzing around, but the Big LeBron isn’t interested in fielding any recruiting pitches.

The Philadelphia 76ers will give their best to clear the maximum salary cap space. They are really hoping to sign LeBron James, as confirmed by Zack Rosenblatt’s report.

James’ player option for 2018-2019 is worth $35.6 million. He can opt out of this deal, and become an unrestricted free agent in July.

“LeBron James will decide soon whether to exercise or decline a $35 million player option to remain with the Cavaliers. There’s an outside chance he does that and runs it back with Cleveland one more time, who could potentially try to flip Kevin Love elsehwere to improve the roster. If he declines, the Sixers and Lakers come to the forefront of all James discussions, and the Sixers are doing everything they can to clear enough cap space to sign him outright to a max contract,” Rosenblatt wrote.

Several NBA executives believe that LeBron will join the Sixers in free agency for the summer.

“As usual, James has not addressed his impending free agency during the season. And none of the executives who spoke with B/R believe they know—or even LeBron knows—what he’ll do,” Ken Berger wrote.

“I bet he gives Philly a real look. He’s smart. That one’s got its challenges, but L.A. has its challenges too. I don’t think the question with Philly is, ‘Are those guys going to be good enough?’ It’s more questions about health. If Ben had played 80 this year and last year, and Joel had played 80 this year and last year, I don’t think it would be a very hard decision for LeBron. But it’s a factor, and you have to think about it,”
one of the NBA execs said.


Are they right about this?


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