Revealed: Kawhi Leonard’s Decision About Joining A LeBron Super Team

Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James are in the center of all events, and NBA fans are already talking about the possibility that the duo joins the Los Angeles Lakers. This pairing would be a match made in heaven, but it seems like Leonard won’t go for such a shot.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that Kawhi doesn’t support the media circus based on his game with LeBron.

“I’m hearing that Kawhi Leonard isn’t that enamored with the thought of coming to L.A. with LeBron. Not because of LeBron himself the person or the basketball player, but because of the paparazzi-like atmosphere he will ultimately create in L.A.
Kawhi ain’t built that way. Kawhi ain’t the type of player that wants to be a part of all of that. Kawhi just wants to grab his lunch pail, go to work, go home. That’s the kind of guy he is.
Now, obviously this could all be a smokescreen, ladies and gentlemen. It could be the Clippers leaking stuff out there to the masses, hoping somebody grabs hold of it and just puts that out there without acknowledging the fact that the Clippers could be putting this out there, because in their perfect world, they want folks to believe they have a chance at Kawhi Leonard,” Smith said.

Shams Charania also reported that Leonard will go out of San Antonio after being part of the organization for the first seven seasons of his career.

Charania believes that Leonard is uncomfortable with the organization, adding that he’s willing to move to another team. This came after the All-Star missed huge part of the 2017-18 season as a result of a quadriceps injury. He wasn’t close to his team for six weeks of the regular season, and he was away from the bench in the opening round playoff series with the Golden State Warriors.

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