Richard Jefferson Posts Satirical Message About The Friendship With LeBron

Business and pleasure/friends don’t go together, and will somebody please tell this to Richard Jefferson? So may friendships have ended as a result of such combination, it seems like LeBron James lost one of his friends. The NBA star’s former teammate Richard Jefferson decided to put an end to their friendship before the beginning of the free agency era.

Richard Jefferson said that he will end his friendship with King James. Wonder why? See it for yourself.

“It is with great remorse that I am writing this. after many years as a peer and many years as a friend and teammate I have decided to end my friendship with LeBron James. I am saying this publicly so that the fans and media members can please stop asking me where he is going in free agency. I don’t know, my family doesn’t know and neither do my kids…” Jefferson wrote.

“Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles so the questions are unavoidable but hopefully this helps to clear things Truth be told I never liked the guy. He works too hard it makes the rest of us look bad. He’s my son’s favorite player and I view that as a complete betrayal of how hard I’ve worked to put a roof over his head. I’m sorry I’m having to give this ‘Drake’ response but I feel like this is the best way to address this issue that I’m clearly losing also. I wish everyone the best of luck in free agency… Teams and Players. Oh and to Channing Frye also… just because!” he added.

That escalated quickly, and we didn’t even think that he could go this far. Yes, he really did invest into his 17-year NBA career, but those words are hard to swallow. Maybe fans would understand his logic after all.

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