Richard Sherman’s Instagram Post Gets Tom Brady’s Juices Flowing

The Internet is on fire after Richard Sherman posted a video in which he and other NFL corners go through a minicamp as they get ready for the training camp and the upcoming season. We could also notice Aqib Talib and Xavier Rhodes, too.

Richard Sherman was thrilled to put the workout on his Instagram.

You already know a lot about the battle between Tom Brady and Richard Sherman. So, the clip thing worked, and Brady decided to gather a bunch of elite quarterbacks to raise their game for the 2018 season.

“Ah s***, I may have to get the QB family together after watching this! Can’t let you get the edge on us [Aqid Talib], [Ahkello Witherspoon], [Richard Sherman], [Darius Slay] and [Xavier Rhodes],” Brady commented. “What do you think [Aaron Rodgers], [Drew Brees], [Russell Wilson]?” he added.

The comments attracted everyone’s attention, and Brady’s former teammate Aqib Talib sent him a message. He made clear that Brady knows everything about their effort to get in shape. Talib also told Brady that they’re looking at the tapes of his team’s game.

“We got in the lab and broke down Patriots tape too Tommy,” Talib wrote.

Brady didn’t wait for too long before striking back. There was some teasing, too. “Hahahaha we were thinking maybe next summer we get [Antonio Brown], [Julio Jones], [AJ Green] and the boys and all have a fun workout,” he commented.

This is more like a tradition. Brady likes to hold a passing camp/boys weekend up at his spot in Montana. Of course, his fellow Patriots have the pleasure to attend the gathering.

Can you imagine Brady, Rodgers, Sherman and Brown high up in the mountains of Montana? That would be nice.

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