The NFL Just Lost Top Referee

Gene Steratore was part of the big NFL family for years, and many would recognize him as one of the most consistent officials ever. Steratore first joined the league in 2003, and became a referee three years later.

If by any chance you have forgotten, Gene Steratore was the referee for Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. Fans would admit that the game was based on multiple controversial calls, and nobody would ever forget the notorious catch rule.

Steratore is about to leave the big game, and will retire from the league before the season. The information was confirmed by the NFL’s Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron.

The list of retirements is pretty long, and Steratore is just another retiring official in the row. Ed Hochuli left the league early in the offseason, and Jeff Triplette retired right after him. Terry McAulay decided to join “the club of retired officials,” too.

In other words, the National Football League is left without four of its most senior names. Something similar happened when the NFL Referee’s Association and the league couldn’t get out of the bitter negotiations over the compensation, and the whole thing was followed by a lockout. The league used replacement referees, and the outcome was more than disastrous.

You probably remember the “Fail Mary.” It was the game where the Seattle Seahawks beat up the Green Bay Packers.
Will the League find replacement for the magnificent four?

Steratore was part of a huge controversy last season, and he was largely criticized for the decision he made in the battle between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. He determined that the Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott converted the move for a first down on a QB sneak attempting to fit an index card between the ball and the chains. Raiders fans didn’t accept any of this.

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