Tom Brady Releases Emotional Statement About His Parents

Tom Brady made another ‘boom,’ and this time his book got all the attention. The NFL player writes about the role of his father, and the true inspiration he got from his mother.

Brady had an interview with CBS This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell, and used the opportunity to express his gratitude for the people who raised him.

“Your father famously promoted your career from early on. How much credit do you give him for your success,” O’Donnell asked. “So much,” Brady said.

“When I grew up, I had three sisters, and I adored my sisters, but I was always the baby brother. My dad, being his only son, he was always like, ‘Hey, let’s hit some golf balls,’ and I was always taggling along. He was someone always looked up to – I still do today – and he’s been such a supportive person in my life for my entire career,” Brady explained.

His father was here to support him. He traveled across the country to attend his games. He didn’t take well the separation, and even attended psychological counseling for two months after his son departed for college. The distance only made their bond stronger, and Tom Brady Sr. trusted his son more than ever.

“He has made so many efforts. Think about it, you grow up in California, and I had a couple schools in California recruit me to play in a college, but I chose Michigan. So here he was flying to the east coast to watch me play. And then to get drafted by the Patriots, he has to fly further east. He’s racked up a lot of frequent flyers miles, he and mom travelling to watch me play,”Brady added.

This means more than a support for Brady. He was happy to see his parents watch the game. “When they see me come off the field, and hug me and give me a kiss and tell me that they love me… I just have the best parents and have been able to share so many great seasons with them,” the NFL star said.


Brady’s mom has just finished her cancer treatment, adding that she’s doing really good at the moment.

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