Tom Brady Urges Position Change Of Von Miller Ahead Of 2018 Session

Tom Brady may have taken the top position on the NFL’s Top 100 list, but , there is something he can’t get over with. Von Miller keeps hitting him, and Brady won’t take any of it. Well, we can’t blame him.

For most fans, Miller is one of the most vaunted pass-rushers, and he’s been enjoying that reputation since the very first moment he arrived in the National Football League. The Broncos linebacker managed to log 83.5 sacks in seven seasons. Statistics shows that 2.5 of these went on Brady in 2015, during the AFC Championship Game. That’s when they defeated the New England Patriots.

So, Brady doesn’t want to have anything to do with Miller. He even used social networks to suggest a position change.

Miller shared a photo of himself in which he’s lined up against a participant going out for a pass at the football camp. Brady decided to make a joke, and suggested a career advise for his adversary. “Yes I would prefer you play corner this year,” Brady commented.

You won’t see the Broncos on the New England Patriots’ upcoming regular season schedule. If by any change the teams get together in the playoffs, Miller will definitely go after Brady, and make him regret that joke. Just kidding!
We feel for Brady, because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be hit all the time. Miller is a raging machine, and Brady hates that. More luck next time, Brady!

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