Watch: Tom Brady Throws To Julian Edelman, Gets Pliability Rubdown In New Instagram

New England Patriots Tom Brady always manages to throw a party on the field, and this time fans were raging after his move. It may seem crazy, but hey, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Did you watch the first season of “Tom vs Time?” If yes, you should definitely know that the second season is on its way. Oh, it’s associated with Julian Edelman, too.

Brady shared a fresh video on Instagram, and it’s pretty different that anything you’ve seen from TB12’s work. In this video, Brady throws passes to receiver Julian Edelman. Guess what… He gets a pliability rubdown from Alex Guerrero. This looks something like the quarterback’s six-part documentary that went on Facebook last season.

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The video is made on the track by Dorchester, Mass., rapper Cousin Stizz. Does this make a change for you?
Although he may be a no-show at the New England Patriots’ minicamp. Tom Brady is definitely locked-in for the season.

Enjoy all the clips you can find on the Internet. There are tons of clips showing the magnificent moment, and each of them is ‘a must see.’

The Patriots wideout is dealing with a four-game suspension due to performance-enhancing drugs. This may not have an impact on the game, but Patriots didn’t need this at the moment.

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