9-year-old girl Surprises Rob Gronkowski, Makes Him Eye-watering Offer

Rob Gronkowski is in the center of attention again. This time he attracted the attention of a 9-year-old girl, and you can’t even imagine what happened next.

The cute girl had the opportunity to spend part of her Fourth of July talking to New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. She literally bumped into him at the Foxborough grocery store.

Kara Davis was walking with her mom and doing some serious shopping. They spotted Gronk, and the unexpected happened.

Gronk took a photo with the girl. Should we say that she’s a huge fan of the superstar? The girl also made an offer, and Gronk didn’t even think of turning it down.

“So mommy said ‘so what else is on the list?’ and I said ‘Gronk.’ She said ‘no you can’t take Gronk home’ and I said to her ‘well can we give his wife or girlfriend a million bucks or something?’” the girl said.

Davis also said that Gronk carried tons of bread and veggies in his carriage.

It’s nice when you meet your biggest football star, and we believe Gronk was happy to see one of his hugest fans. Children are always honest, and the player sure had the time of his life at the grocery store.


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