It’s Happening: Julian Edelman Appeals PED Suspension From NFL

Julian Edelman risks to lose it all, and this PED suspension thing could put an end to his professional career. The New England Patriots’ wideout faces a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy. Of course, none of that would happen if his appeal works.

Julian Edelman decided to tell his side of the story, and that’s what this appeal thing is all about. His fans hope that the appeal would help him lift the suspension.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano said that Edelman’s appeal was heard on 25th, adding that the wideout “plans to mount a vigorous defense that questions the NFL’s handling of his case.” Does this mean that the league is in trouble?

Edelman hoped to gain success after blaming the league for mishandling the results of his PED test. There are few things working in his favor, including the fact that scientists couldn’t recognize the substance he was tested for. They were still working on it at the time he was popped.

The wideout also blamed the league for mishandling of the documentation and delivery of his test’s results. It turns out that the league made serious mistakes in the handling of his results.

This is more than enough for the suspension to be lifted. Maybe Edelman will manage to get away with it. Well, he may not be guilty after all.

Edelman is not alone in this battle. He has New York-based attorney Alex Spiro watching his back. Spiro is known to provide legal support to NBA players. With all the experience on his hands, and the NFL’s mistakes, Edelman will probably manage to lift the suspension. That’s the only scenario he hopes for.

Rumors only add fuel to the fire. Edelman will have to prove everyone wrong, and if this appeal doesn’t put him on the field, he’s ready to take the case to federal court.

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