Another Mural With LeBron James Has Been Painted In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

LeBron’s decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers. This changed the entire dynamic in the NBA, and fans had split opinions over his new contract. But, some just can’t cope with the idea of LeBron leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. They even see James as an inferior player to Kobe Bryant. It’s bad, I know.

Kobe Bryant and James LeBron spent a great portion of their career being compared to one another. They were even considered rivals.

Here’s what happened to the mural that was painted in honor of LeBron’s signing with the Lakers. The 14-time All-Star was mentioned as the “King of LA,” we think that the whole thing started with this particular mention.

The awesome mural was vandalized, and artist Jonas Never didn’t have any other option but remove it. He even made a joke about learning how to make art that could be visualized as a slight to Kobe Bryant.

Never’s art is not up now, and we were thrilled to see the new mural that was painted in a different part of the big city. This time Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were compared to James LeBron in a good way.



Josh Hart was one of the many who voiced disapproval of such acts. He’s disappointed over the vandalism of LeBron’s mural.

James LeBron made a bold move in his career. He left the Cleveland Cavaliers, and signed in with the Los Angels Lakers. It was a brilliant decision, and that’s exactly what the world of basketball needed. Big names belong to big cities, and Los Angeles is big enough for the King.

Maybe fans will finally stop comparing James LeBron to Kobe Bryant. He’s a successful player, and his force is more than approved on the basketball court. Keep up the good job, King James, fans like you!

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