Avery Johnson Makes Major Request Of Cavs Star LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping to get LeBron James just for the season, as confirmed by sources. Avery Johnson hopes to convince LeBron to stay for at last one season. He went on ESPN’s “First Take,” and opened the topic.

“Collin is a player that can take a lot of pressure off of LeBron. I thought that the Cavs would make it back to the Finals without Kyrie Irving but I knew it would be tough for them to win the championship without Kyrie. As great as LeBron is on the floor and all of his different exploits — playing in every game this year, 51-point games, triple-doubles, he’s a great teammate — but he needs somebody else that can create their own shot, he needs somebody else that can take some pressure off of him and Collin is an unbelievable offensive player. But at the same time, he plays both sides of the ball. he’s really good defensively,” Avery Johnson said.

“I would say ‘Hey, give this young man a chance. At least stay one more year, LeBron. We’d love to see y’all play together,’” he added.

James needed more help from the supporting cast, but he didn’t get much of that. The Cavs needed a playmaker to create offense, and Sexton fitted the role.

Let’s see what happens now. Maybe LeBron will change his mind.

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