Baseball Team Pays An Amazing Tribute To Tom Brady – The G.O.A.T.

Tom Brady is the ultimate player in the National Football League, and doesn’t plan to go anywhere in near future. Everyone, including haters, know that Brady is one of the best players to walk on this planet. That’s why PawSox decided to honor this awesome player.

It turns out that the first 3,000 fans into McCoy Stadium received the bobblehead paying tribute to the Pats quarterback Tom Brady. PawSox rocks!

Brady deserves this and much more. He’s been successful in every season so far, and the team keeps winning awards only because of him. The world knows everything about the Brady power, and we really hope that he will stick around for a while.

This wasn’t the first time Brady was honored. Remember how PawSox made the announcement about the “Free Brady Friday? It was an event in which everyone named Tom and/or Brady could enter the McCoy stadium without paying anything. Box seats costed $12 instead of $13. Yes, that’s Brady’s uniform number. The whole thing happened in honor of Brady.

The team said that it will donate a quarter for every box seat sold. See the connection? Quarter-quarterback? The donation was planned to go to Best Buddies. It’s a charity supported by Brady and other members of PawSox leadership.

The ceremonial first pitches and in-game promotions were used with footballs instead of baseballs.

How brilliant!

“Tom Brady is one of the region’s most beloved athletes and public figures. This evening allows PawSox fans, so many of whom are Patriots fans, to show their support for him,” noted PawSox senior vice-president and general manager Dan Rea.

This is a clear confirmation of everything we’ve said so far. Brady is an amazing man and an excellent player. Fans are happy for his great success, and so are we. Keep up the good job, Brady!

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