Beautiful Gisele Bundchen Poses By The Pool And Goes Horseback Riding In Costa Rica (PHOTOS)

Gisele Bundchen may be 27, but aging has nothing on her. She looks better than ever, and her latest pics show it all. Gisele is a proud mother of two kids, Vivian and Benjamin. She’s been married to the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for nine years.

The couple decided to recharge their batteries in Costa Rica. It’s a nice place to visit, and the kids enjoyed every inch of it. So did Tom and Gisele. They kissed and hugged, and you could see that they’re madly in love.

Let’s go back to Gisele’s photoshoot. She posed by the pool, and the pics came out great. Well, Gisele knows how to do her job. It’s something you’re born with. She has an awesome career, and being a supermodel mom is one of the most challenging jobs ever. She’s doing an amazing job here.

So, Gisele posed by the pool and Tom played games with the kids. They had a nice meal first, of course.

The family also tried horseback riding, and it was super fun! These people know how to have fun, and that’s what counts here.

Gisele and Tom love each other so much. The beginning of their romance was somehow rough, but they’re still together and happier than ever. Tom had just broke with Bridget Moynahan, and she announced her pregnancy after Brady officialized his love with the Brazilian supermodel. Not the best way to start off a relationship, right?

But, Gisele doesn’t mind any of this. She’s taking a good care of her husband and kids. They are happy and super busy at the moment. They will be even more busy once the season starts. But, families are here for support, and Brady has an awesome family watching his back. They are a nice example of how family life should look like.

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